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Robby Belmondo
26 January 2017 @ 13:22
I like this song, this character; good look on him!
Robby Belmondo
26 January 2017 @ 13:05
Is there any way to get back on here or is it all beyond repair?
According to Livejournal I'm like the 86,942th ranked user! WOW. That's pretty damn good!!
Robby Belmondo
15 October 2016 @ 12:57
I haven't written in LJ in ages but I feel I must write some life events down. In this electronic record. Maybe somebody read, maybe not, whatever...

Perhaps it was a great decision, perhaps it was the worst, but deciding to quit smoking has caused me a huge amount of stress.
3 weeks ago - decided to quit cold turkey one morning. No nicotine replacements, nothing. Ran into a stressful situation later that day and was literally kicking and screaming. I could had hurt somebody, I didn't but it scared me badly. Lit up again that night.
2 weeks ago - decided to quit cold turkey again, using Allen Carr's "EASY WAY"(lol...) - well it wasn't an easier than the first. At first it felt great - but the irritation returned, the cravings soon returned. I again was screaming, but instead of kicking I broke my cellphone.. a very great expense. smoked again. A few days later took up vaping, was half/half qutting smoking but when I went full vaping got sick the next day. Started smoking agin.
1 week ago - was spurred onto quit again by a friend - you see I was complaining, every time I smoke my arm hurts, my leg hurts, even the side of my chest, Is it anxiety or is it my heart? Either way smoking increases anxiety. She said, if I want to quit just quit. So that time I did, I did Nicotine inhaler. Actually had a pretty easy time at it until day 3, when the inhaler stopped working. So I switched to vaping.. again after a full day felt sick, was sick the whole day and just dreadful. Started smoking again last night and feel "normal" again.. I am now on 2 cigarettes, will I buy another pack or try to quit again? I can't vape again until I see a doctor. I can just use an inhaler or these "lozenges" I got for the train half a year back. I don't know.
Quitting smoking sucks, wish I never started smoking, wish I never started quitting, or felt the need to. I hate telling people I had quit, their encouragements were like barbs to me, letting them down is painful. I just want to NOT WANT smoking. But somehow I can't.

My brain has been through a rollercoaster of stress, anger, depression - nicotine withdrawals. All in the midst of huge life changes, a terrible ever present anxiety disorder. Needless to say I'm a mess. I even wrote on Livejournal.
Robby Belmondo
20 August 2014 @ 12:00
  • Tue, 22:31: Do girls tend to move cities more than guys do or is it just my imagination?
Robby Belmondo
17 August 2014 @ 12:00
  • Sat, 20:10: "my big boy pants" - what a stupid expression this one is.
Robby Belmondo
16 August 2014 @ 12:00
  • Sat, 04:35: Meet the man with a strong opinion about beards.
  • Sat, 04:41: When did Corsair get into sponsoring every single esports team in the name of their HyperX brand?
Robby Belmondo
13 August 2014 @ 12:00
  • Tue, 19:10: Shark Week, but Crocodiles beat Sharks all the time. We need Crocodile week. #SharkWeek
Robby Belmondo
09 June 2014 @ 20:35
In The Dark Knight Rises Bane and John Blake see right through Batman's secret identity. At the same time, Batman Arkham City has Hugo Strange see right though his secret. Also around this time: In the DC Comics Batman begins "batman inc." where he turns Batman into a corporation as Bruce Wayne and reveals his identity at least as a financier, sort of Tony Stark style. 3 different stories in 3 different mediums all sort of passing off the idea of secret identity.

Different reasons as well:
Dark Knight Rises: Bane and Blake know who Batman is because they understand him emotionally, although it's their starting points are reversed, While Bane understands Batman's darkness so well he can see right through it, Blake knows Bruce Wayne's cheerful demeanor is the lie, he knows he desires vengeance because he feels the same.
Arkham City: Very simple, Strange knows because he's obsessed with uncovering it, using all his knowledge of psychology he was able to narrow it down. This is to actually say; if you were smart enough you would know.
Batman Inc.: Batman looks to fight criminals internationally, as a corporation employing a league of Batman affiliated heroes. This is inspired most clearly by Iron Man, which I'm going to talk about next...

Clearly, the film Iron Man changed the game. Tony Stark's admission as Iron Man was refreshing for audiences, despite this not being a new thing, the new audiences that this film found embraced the concept fully, perhaps due to how secret identity was one of those forced concepts, one that wasn't terribly realistic, especially in this age where video and camera footage, computer software could determine identity so easily.
Robby Belmondo
29 March 2013 @ 16:00
I watched the 2012 movie WRATH OF THE TITANS yesterday as it looked like fun.
It has Dragons, Chimera, Cyclops, Pegasii, Gods and Tartarus! A titan made of living magma!! HOw can we go wrong?

Easy, weigh it down with themes like fatherhood, death, responsibility, and so on. I don't mean the story conveys these themes (I learned nothing and was not enriched whatsoever), it just sorta lords them and glooms up the place. Make the whole story like... THE GODS ARE DYING. Also weigh down the action in that "The gods are dying so they are pretty weak"... Seriously wtf guys. Why can't we just have fun??

Why can't we just have another Jason and the Argonauts "HIGH ADVENTURE" with naughty modern CG? It has so much potential!! The best I've got is Van Helsing or Pirates of the Caribean, but come on.. modern monsters just aren't as impressive as the mythological stuff.
Robby Belmondo
23 March 2013 @ 02:23
In all of livejournal.

#1. Why do digital video pauses on the likes of Netflix and tv on demand services eventually go to stop? Technically a pause in a digital machine should be able to last as long as the machine has energy, and the way most videoplayers on PC demonstrates this fact. It must be a relic of the VCR wherein the tapes had to un-pause to prevent mechanical damage to the tape itself... but we are beyond that, so it seems like it's just the resumption of a bad habit.

#2. I never really thought Zombies were interesting, and then when i watched some more Zombie movies I concluded Zombies aren't supposed to be all that interesting. All that zombies are is a problem, a problem that creates a unique and interesting scenario. What more of this is as much as there is not all creators seem to indulge in the scenario and will make a misguided effort and focus on the zombies. So as over saturated as the genre is, there is a lot of unexplored are so it won't be going away any time soon.

#3. Discovered the core of game design, and that is providing decisions. The enemy of decisions in games is balance, too little balance and there is no decisions, you have only one to make. Too much balance and it becomes too easy, every decision has a generally desirable outcome. The point is one should favor giving the player interesting decisions and only balance when needed. I started to learn this when I was playing Go. This also reveals that despite the popular sentiment that visual novels are not games, they are actually one of the most pure forms of games.
Robby Belmondo
21 December 2012 @ 03:44
Manga is so damned slow!!

I didn't read One Piece in 2 years, because I was frustrated with the pace. Don't get me wrong, I love One Piece, it just gets painful to read on the weekly basis because of the way manga is these days. (it has got worse).

The stuff that's happened was great, and a lot of fun to go through, But at the same time *not a hell of a lot happened*... compare to the first 2 years of one piece in 97-99 where they went through the entirety of east-blue! And compare that to say, Dragon Ball in 1984 where the entire first SAGA was done in less than a year.

Yeah, this is why I don't read manga in real-time anymore.
Robby Belmondo
20 October 2012 @ 02:24
I'm back on LJ to write some really nerdy shit, be glad I'm writing at all? Yeah anyway...
here is a point-form summary of how I would make/remake a new Transformers series! :

1. I would rename the Decepticons to the Destrons.
This is their name in Japan and I consider it superior. It's a big move but I consider it a mistake worth fixing, "Decepticons" is a name only a kid could love. Let's give things a bit more credibility by not having one side blatently *profess* to evil.. (even if they are).

2. Female transformers would be more than just a thing.
There is two way female transformers have been handled, the awkward introduction of just a few after having all male transformers, or starting with just a few that feel too heavily focused due to it. Both don't feel right to me, although I am fond of all male transformers (they are robots), I also recognize part of the charm is how we connect with them "as people". So why not, just get the dumb hesitations out of the way, have a female sex for transformers and make it around 30-40% of the total cast. Make sure their designs and personalities are on par too.

3. The design neither too complex or simple.
G1 is great but too simple these days (my problem with prime is they use the same sorta detail). The Movie and a lot of the Japanese shows have way convoluted designs. I'd aim for something around the level of "war for/fall of Cybertron" videogames for detail.

4. Give the Transformers roles and stick to it!
One great thing about G1 was all the transformers had definite roles. Wheeljack was a scientist, Ratchet was a doctor, Soundwave was a communications officer. I feel it's been something missing ever since, although they will assign transformers roles, they often forget about them or just have them all be warriors regardless. Yes, all transformers are in war (and are giant robots) so they should have combat ability, but it'd be good to have ones that don't fight as much, you can handle a bigger cast this way, introduce more characters without other ones becoming redundant. It's also great because as transforming robots, they'd be able to do many many things, not just hold guns with their robot hands.

5. Make the human role detailed but don't take it too far.
This one is simple, and something that has sorely been missing, even from the Micheal Bay movies, that is to show peoples reactions to the Transformers being on earth more, this would be limited by that, I don't think the whole world should be aware (they are disguised afterall), but say perhaps several government officials are in contact with the autobots, get some real interactions going, INTERESTING ones. We can have a few humans also start to work with the autobots (and the destrons!), but rarely put them in the limelight, still develop their characters and use them to remind us transformers are really huge.

6. Use some of the original characters but mess around with it a lot.
I think the characters are important, but putting the characters all in the same places in the same routines is damned boring. Maybe the leader of the Destrons can be Shockwave this time, and Megatron can be in Cybertron. Maybe we can get a Autobot like Blaster as second in command to Optimus. Maybe Optimus takes some time off and a far off (g1-wise) leader like Starsaber is in charge. But as well, new characters make for a fresh series.
Robby Belmondo
04 June 2012 @ 16:38
Hey my Livejournal has some content today! OK DIABLO III:

So, my thinking for much of the time that Diablo 3 was even announced is I probably wouldn't play it. The reason goes all the way back to the days I played Diablo 2 , no; they were not the days when *most of you* played D2 because you would of been 8 years old and obviously shouldn't of been playing Diablo 2, but when i played it in 1999.
So like, I did the Diablo 2 thing, it was rough guys, the game didn't run good on any computer and we had 56k modems at best with poor networks. But despite the technical flaws the game had at the time it was a fun game where you made a character and did exciting things like kill a lot of monsters.

It's when I got up in the later levels of Diablo 2, and getting involved with other players that i started to hate the game. You see not knowing what I was doing my character ended up quite weak. So I decided I was going to get serious, I built a Barbarian using a combination of "by the book" and what I had learned on my own. I socketed a lot of nice gemstones into my super-rare great sword and all, it was plowing me through the game. But I'd go into the chatroom and people would be like "HAHAHA KONAMI YOUR SWORD SUCKS, HAHAHA LOOK AT THAT FAGGOT HE ACTUALLY SOCKETED THAT THING". You may think I'm over-reacting to one incident but that's not really it, it was over ten years ago guys. I remember other things like every time I'd get into a PVP it'd be a Necromancer who one-shots me with a BONE LANCE and then takes a shit on me.

So I was done with that game, I saw the futility like, of even attempting to think you have good items. I started to wonder what I even wanted, like yes I could go for a better sword, I could be "that guy" who is great at Diablo 2 but what was it for? Was the satisfaction of "winning" so much as to be worth so many hours of my day? These days I know competitive gaming is rewarding, like in Street Fighter or Dota, but you know; those games you can play with friends, or you can be a *big deal!* competitive player. In Diablo 3 does anybody really give a shit about the best players? I doubt many. Can you keep playing with your friends?? Only if you can all keep up at the same level...

So why i got Diablo 3 at all? Well, I played the demo and I liked the changes, I thought maybe it would be a bit different or I could try a different approach. Also I guess it was a little bit of peer pressure and "might as well". No big deal.

So Diablo 3!! Yes indeed. I played this game from May 15th to 2 days ago, not a lot except the first week or so. I go to... Inferno act 2. Now Inferno act 2 is hard and all, but I know I can gear for it, like I know what I'm doing. It's just, I had taken a break for all of 2 days and the auction house, the fucking auction house INFLATED 30X IN ALL VALUES And like, you need that Auction House. There are rough spots in the game, like as a Demon Hunter, I had a lot of trouble with Belial on Hell difficulty. But I AH'ed some gear and got twice as strong and I was doing runs on that boss for fun and levels after. The gear didn't cost me a arm and a leg either. Maybe I didn't even need it, but Inferno you do. Inferno is not impossible, but you got to work at it...

Point is, you have to NO-LIFE the game to work at it, and you miss a few days and OOPS ECONOMY INFLATED! My 800 DPS XBow that cost me 100,000 now costs 3,000,000 at best. Oh sure you say, just sell that 100k and get 3 millioN, big profits!?? Yes if only it was so simple sirs, I can only get *the same dps or worse* for the money I'd get on it, which means I can't get a better one unless I NO-LIFED it and grinded for like *THREE HUNDRED MILLION GOLD*!

Now the game isn't horrible, like playing through it? Not bad, it has a lot of things to kill. The story is dumb but I liked it anyway. You get all kinds of wacky and fun skills for every class. Graphics are servicable quality but have good production to em. And so on, it'd stand out fine as a single player adventure to a point.

Aside this, I loved the more casual elements like, from remembering screwing up my Diablo 2 builds, and how the metagame always changed, it was nice to be more free in this one. But in the end it sort of bothered me, like the game ends up with 10 characters, (5 classes with 2 races). You'd think they would at least let you customize your look, like express yourself visually instead of expressing yourself with a skill build, but no... that game isn't about any expression whatsoever. The simplification and auction house has only helped to applify what Diablo is all about, and that is grinding loot hoping to feel good about yourself or something like that. There's no reason to continue playing it.
Robby Belmondo
Robby Belmondo
22 March 2012 @ 20:07
Robby Belmondo
08 January 2012 @ 07:13
I don't think i can pick my favorite game of 2011 because I still have a few "important" ones to go through. So far Dark Souls takes the prize.

Anyway, time to go through some games I didn't talk about for whatever reason such as negligent journaling;
click for full entry!Collapse )
Robby Belmondo
31 December 2011 @ 11:34
I always question presuppositions, one of the major ones I hear a lot is "Your reflexes slow down as you get older".

Asking the internet oracle SEARCH ENGINE does not produce more than restatements of the presupposition in question. I'm lacking the hard data to prove GREATER AGE = SLOWER REFLEXES. But even if older people had less reflexes on average (which is true); this doesn't actually prove "greater age = slower reflexes", because we could be dealing with factors that are separate from age and more to do with culminations, common dysfunctions or even culture (Thus; age having nothing to do with reflexes).

Let's have at it! Who knows if Age really has a thing to do with reflexes?
Robby Belmondo
18 December 2011 @ 03:04
You can look at the awful comic answers here: http://konami.livejournal.com/409216.html#comments

No more questions! I'll do it again sometime, hopefully at a time I'm drawing a bit better than I was today.
Robby Belmondo
17 December 2011 @ 21:22
OK, so 10Q didn't work out. So I'm going to make it easier and try and get the ball rolling.

The first 5 people with the first 5 questions will have these questions answered in comic-form, again I am only doing this if I get 5 questions. A new provision is since I removed the friends-lock I will only do this for mutual friends.

Again, please don't ask overly-personal questions, and I'm going to ignore (and get very upset at you for) anything that looks like trolling.

You got 12 hours for the 5 questions. After this time passes, or when I get 5, then the window is closed.
Robby Belmondo
17 December 2011 @ 20:32
I'd like to take a little bit of time to once again draw attention to my favorite little group of trouble-makers, wingnuts.

What are wingnuts? You may know them as Tin-foil hats, or Underwear munchers, or Purple Elephants. The point is these are the people who go beyond the confirmed and verifiable information and begin to speculate, if this specification is true of false is not the issue (though it tends to be false by rules of averages). These people tend to be hysterical in their conclusions, usually apocalyptic in nature.

Two important issues going on right now being damaged by wingnuts:
The Occupy Movement-
I could write a whole article about them but I would prefer not to (unless you people demand it); Their basic goal is to fight for a more fair and just society, what form that takes is not concrete yet. That's more or less fine by me, and I'm happy to see people try and promote real change; However there is a very toxic elements in this movement, First are the (hardcore) anarchists, who go further than saying they want justice or equality, but go as far as to say they want the total shutdown of government, banks; total wholesale. The problem isn't just what they say, but what they do; These anarchists tend to start riots because this is a good way to promote anarchy, they tend to fight police because they hate police (a lot!). I don't want to excuse police brutality, but when the anarchist wings start getting violent and confrontational with police, they are kind of setting you all up to be attacked by riot police.
The second fringe element is "Anonymous", or a section of Anonymous. I say a section because I doubt those posting the offending content actually represent the entire collective. In this city, they threatened to shut my off our internet if occupy was removed. How was this helpful? Having a group act like terrorists isn't exactly going to get people on your side (just the opposite) it will just make them scared of your movement or laugh at you. Not good.

Second is the anti-SOPA campaign.
Again, don't want to get into too much detail about SOPA, you probably know too damn much about this mess already. There is a active campaign to try and stop the bill, and that's great. however it seems people just can't help themselves, we got the usual suspects; I suspect the 9/11 truther/anti-vacination types not only talking about SOPA as a a security and censorship problem, but as a "corperate enslavement agenda". Unfortunately, because of the harsh opposistion to SOPA, and the fear surrounding it, these memes are infecting the rational as well. I just watched a rather level headed dude argue that the bill was just a means to put the internet into the control of big business.
Now, this isn't to say I absolutely disagree, I think it's possible that's just what the bill could do, but when opponents of the bill want to talk in this kind of language - CRAZY PEOPLE LANGUAGE, they dilute their point and people stop listening because it starts becoming less of a plea to fight sopa and more like watching FOX news. I make this plea: You're entitled to your corperate enslavement theory and being a part of this, because if you think so or not and oppose it I'm still on your side; but you need to realize that SOPA sounds bad enough without the conspiracy and hysteria!; You don't need these things and they will hurt your ability to get people on board and stop the bill.

Thank-you for reading.